The Easiest Way To Play Blackjack Compiled For Beginners

Although play Blackjack game is very popular all over the world especially America. But currently this online entertainment game is still not known to many people.

More and more people want to learn how to participate in this game, but access to information is too limited. Therefore, so that all Vietnamese people can access Blackjack in a comprehensive way, Qqjili decided to edit this article.

Blackjack is a gambling card game better known to many people as “21”.

Comprehensive Instructions on How to Play Blackjack

Comprehensive Instructions on How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is present in most casinos and online bookies that players can easily find.

Through this section you will learn how to play Blackjack step by step:

  • Game Rules: Describes the basic rules and principles when participating in the game of Blackjack.
  • How Points Are Calculated: Explains how points are calculated in Blackjack, possibly related to the value of the cards.
  • Blackjack Options: Describes the powers and options players have when faced with different situations in the game.
  • How a Game of Cards Takes Place: Describes the process and steps that take place in a game of Blackjack.
  • Payout Rate: Information about payout rates and how winning is determined.
  • Tips to Know: Provides useful tips and strategies when play Blackjack.

Blackjack Rules

Blackjack uses 6 – 8 decks of traditional 52-card cards, a table of 2 – 7 players and the dealer.

There are also some bookies that organize traditional play Blackjack with only 1 deck of cards, the number of players is also more limited.

Blackjack deck includes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A with 4 different substances.

Players are called houses and all houses are independent, not fighting each other but playing against the house. The main representative of the house is the Dealer – the person who deals the cards.

Blackjack, depending on the different versions, may require the dealer and the dealer to play 1 hand (Playing Hand/Gather of Cards) or multiple hands at the same time. Nowadays, bookmakers play many cards at the same time with more popular cards.

The dealer will initially deal the player 2 cards. The player can draw more cards or stop as long as the total score is equal to 21 or less than 21 but closest to this score. You will compare cards with the dealer, whoever has Blackjack (21 points with the first 2 cards) wins or the smaller score and closest to 21 wins.

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The rules of the game are very simple, right?

The important thing to win when play Blackjack is predicting the cards, knowing when to stop or when to continue.

How to calculate points

Similar to many other scoring card games, scoring in when play Blackjack is as follows:

  • Ace: 1 point or 11 points as you like.
  • Cards from 2 to 10: Calculate points from 2 to 10 respectively.
  • JQK cards (Vietnamese people often call them Television): All count as 10 points.

The cards will add points together until the player stops.

Execute orders in play Blackjack

Players will have the following betting options:

  • Draw Cards (Hit): Allows players to draw more cards.
  • Stop: The player stops drawing cards.
  • x2 Money (Double): Double your bet, but only draw 1 additional card.
  • Split: When the house has 2 identical dealt cards, the player can split the cards into 2 hands, each hand bets an amount equal to the original amount.
  • Stop Card (Fold/Deal): The player loses with ½ of the bet.

Insurance Order: This order is often used more by old fox players. If you are a new player, you can temporarily forget about it.

1) The dealer can bet insurance if the Dealer’s face-up card is an Ace

2) This insurance bet is separate from the original bet

3) The insurance bet wins if the dealer has Blackjack and loses otherwise.

4) You can still win insurance even if the initial bet loses and vice versa

Unlike the dealer, who can draw more cards whenever they want, the dealer can only draw cards when the total score of 2 cards is less than 16. When the score is over 17, the dealer is forced to stop playing and this is beneficial to help the dealer be more proactive.

If you execute your bets correctly you will clearly see the difference between a gambler and an investor.

Compensation rate

Different bookmakers may have different payout rates for each house’s winning case.

But you can refer to the payment rate below:

  • Win with Blackjack: 1 to 1.5 (paid 1.5 times the initial bet amount).
  • Winning insurance bet: 1 to 2 (paid 2 times the original bet amount).
  • Normal winning score: 1 to 1 (paid 1 time the initial bet amount).

4 basic play Blackjack tips

4 basic play Blackjack tips

The decision to draw more cards or keep them the same depends greatly on the number of points you currently have. Insurance bets and double bets are also extremely beneficial if you use them at the right time.

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So to win when play Blackjack, good strategy and a strong mentality are very important. Because luck doesn’t always smile on you. If you play without thinking, you’d rather play the Jackpot, right? Some playing tips compiled by Qqjili below will help you win the game more:

Play blackjack Online is easier to win

Experts all agree that when play Blackjack Online, you are much easier to win than when playing directly at the casino.

That’s because your judgment is often influenced by other players, or supervisors who are always near you.

In addition, the cost of the game, whether you win or lose, will be deducted a portion for travel, accommodation, utility services, etc.

If you win the game, the player often has to cut his commission to the appropriate dealer and house.

This is a rule that any Casino player needs to know and follow.

Fund management

The emotion of winning or losing sometimes overwhelms your reason, causing you to freely spend money on unworthy bets.

Therefore, before betting, always consider and calculate to suit your budget.

Experience is that players should bet to ensure you can maintain at least 40 rounds of play with the amount of money you have.

Double the cards

Some bookmakers will support the feature of doubling your cards when the first 2 cards are dealt.

Here you will be able to split your 2 cards into 2 different hands if you feel these 2 cards have winning potential, for example both cards are 9 or 10.

At this point, try splitting to x2 the bonus you can receive because the chance of peeling 10s and J/Q/K cards is also higher.

Prioritize playing insurance mode

Insurance in Blackjack gives you more optimal assurance and also gives you a better backstop in any situation.

Currently, this policy is also quite popular, so you can find an insurance policy at almost any reputable bookmaker.

Counting Blackjack Cards

Counting Blackjack Cards

There are always a lot of rumors about Blackjack card counting techniques of Casino Genius Edward Thorp.

Mistakes not only greatly affect new participants but also cause many unnecessary consequences.

It is important for you to know why the strategy of discarding low number cards is an advantage for the player.

While removing cards with high numbers is a big disadvantage. The card counting system is a standard system highly appreciated by many experts. In terms of card counting used in Blackjack card games.

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